Monday, December 13, 2010

just relax

after my last journey attempt, i decided to get a little more comfortable. i wanted my body to be free of the usual things that pester it: cold feet, a bump in my back, worry that someone will walk in and spoil my moment. so i decided that trial two of shamanic journeying would be done in my bed. it's nice and warm, soft, soothing -- just what my body needs to be no distraction for my mind. i collected my tools again, and began as i had before.

this time i was far too relaxed. my mind was so soothed by my relaxed body that i went right to sleep. obviously, some middle ground is what i need. i have to make a space that is comfortable, but not so soothing that i just want to snooze.

i've also come to realize that one can't just do a journey without mental preparation. prior to doing it, i have to talk to my mind. i have to tell it that it CAN do this thing. i have to prepare it for staying alert during this experience. i have to make this experience different in my mind from any other nap or sleeping time. my mind has to understand that it's journey time, only then can i begin.

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